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Consumer Ads
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Initiated to introduce the company's new Northern California branch store, they:
  • Offered a way to highlight unique products and innovative applications.
  • Enhanced relationships with residential customers and interior designer clients. 
  • Increased awareness and sales.                   
Trade Ad
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Placed in the leading industry magazine, with international readership, it:
  • Increased the client's profile with all-important quarries, helping assure steady supply, unique product and good prices.
  • Raised awareness of the client as a reliable source for prestige projects.
  • Cemented relationship with contract fabricator/installer. 
Trade Editorial
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Based on photos taken while on location for the trade ad, it:
  • Leveraged ad media schedule into additional free exposure.
  • Raised the prestige profile of DMG as well as the fabricator/installer.
  • Provided a remarkable Point of Sale piece for retail locations.



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