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C a t a l o g  C a s e  S t u d y        

For AT&T Consumer Products and through its evolution to Lucent Technologies, we developed a bi-annual series of industry-standard,
full product catalogs directed to the retail trade.

lcat_97cvr2.JPG (72045 bytes)
lcat_96cvr.JPG (70684 bytes)
att_cpc_sm.jpg (41741 bytes)

These catalogs introduced a host of user-friendly,
market enhancing  innovations:
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Bound-in 'stepped' sections made it easy to consult specific product categories. 1946comb.jpg (13454 bytes)
Fold-over back cover not only put the individual sales reps' business card right up front, it prevented embossing of the 'steps' onto the front cover. flap_comb.jpg (7639 bytes)
Lifestyle photography enhanced product quality image, demonstrated products in-use and were available for a wide range of additional marketing applications. lifestyle_1.JPG (116439 bytes) lifestyle_2.JPG (128713 bytes)
Photo situations and real life casting cover a broad range of racial and socio-economic strata -- including unique location, such as The Special Olympics lifestyle34comb.jpg (17919 bytes)
sp_olymp.JPG (68436 bytes) innov.JPG (89487 bytes)
Conceptually, we linked section 'openers' to an over-the-decades retrospective of the company's impact on technology and its role in society.  1976comb.gif (16840 bytes)
Unique longframe photography allowed up to focus both on the product and its lifestyle environment. longframe.JPG (65520 bytes)
By grouping 'shared features' on the bottom of every page, we highlight each product's USP (unique selling proposition) while eliminating graphic clutter. shared_a.JPG (58904 bytes) shared_b.JPG (61881 bytes)
TechKnowledge pages introduced and explained emerging technology. Plus they were an ideal way to achieve the right number of pages per section as dictated by production requirements. lucat_11sm.jpg (141500 bytes)
A matrix for each product category allowed the trade to compare product features at a glance. matrix_4.JPG (113852 bytes) matrix_3.JPG (108962 bytes)


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