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Attentive is who we are.

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Ready, responsive, proactive. There to serve on your terms and to surprise you with our performance. At The Attentive Group we know you've got a lot to get done. So we strive to make our part of your agenda efficient and enjoyable. How? By being understanding of your objectives, anticipatory of your needs, open to your ideas, innovative and accurate in every effort. And, while we're in LA, we start our day on east coast time and end it on Hawaiian.
Salesware is what we create.
We specialize in collateral -- that is, focused-function, targeted-audience marketing materials. We do it by drawing on a reservoir of experience that ranges from national TV campaigns for consumer package goods to matchbook covers for direct marketers. Even the most elementary project has a bedrock of that level of marketing sophistication. So, in addition to uncommon creativity, every idea we present represents a strategic, efficient solution to the marketing challenge. Our solutions have worked for everyone from Fortune 50 companies to seat-of-their-pants entrepreneurs.
Can-do is how we operate.
We're a close-knit team of experts drawn together by the specific demands of the job. Remember Mission Impossible? Need a product name? We've done thousands and that's all you'll pay for. No art overhead built into the price. Need the name to become a logo? We'll give you choices that will make it hard to choose. Need a sales brochure? That's what we were born for. But if you also need some weird gizmo to work into a Point-of-Purchase display we'll find that for you, too. We deliver exactly what you want. When you want it. Faster than you expect. 

Experience   Awards


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